Tuesday, June 10, 2014

4 Months

 It’s hard to believe it’s already/only been 4 months.  It feels like you just joined us yet you have blended into the fold as if you have always been here.  The days of easily laying you across my lap are gone, replaced with your determined fight to sit upright even though you can’t stay that way very long.   You are like your brother, in that you seem to be very interested in what’s happening around you.  As a result you want to sit up and be held facing out to ensure you aren’t missing anything.  You also no longer totally hate being on your tummy.  As a matter of fact now that you are happily sleeping in your own room in your crib you are our second tummy sleeper (please don’t tell your Doctor).  You have mastered the roll from tummy to back and on the nights where you wake to eat (which amazingly and wonderfully for me is not EVERY night or even MULTIPLE times a night, I may never be able to fully convey my gratitude for this) I can tell before I get to you if you have rolled yourself over, as your protests are significantly more robust!

On this note, you have realized dear daughter that if you wish to be heard in this family you will need to speak up.  And so you have.  Both your volume and your tone have grown louder and more animated-no doubt in part by watching your big brother.  Speaking of that guy, as much as I’d like to say I’m your favorite person (and maybe I am depending on the moment at hand) you are completely enamored with your big brother and I assure you the feeling is mutual.  In the last few weeks you have begun to pay real attention to him; you track his voice, you reach out to touch him when he is near and you smile and laugh when he is being silly…which is often.  He, in turn, is always checking on you.  Patting your head as you eat, getting you a blanket when you are in your rock-n-play, trying to shove a teething toy in your mouth…whether you want it or not…but it all comes from a place of love.  I knew my love for you would be intense, just as it is for your brother, but I can honestly say I was unprepared for the emotion I feel when I see the two of you interacting.  It fills my heart in a totally different way and I am so beyond grateful that we were able to give you to each other.  I know it won’t always be fun and games but I pray that you will lean on and love on each other always.

You are growing so quickly, too quickly for this mamma trying to hold on tightly to all of her “last” first, and changing every day.  I can hardly wait to see more of who you are going to be but please feel free to take your time, for both of our sakes.

Love Mom

Saturday, September 21, 2013


September 17, 2013

As in Surprise I’m still here…since it’s been so long since you’ve been given and update on me…or my personal favorite Surprise…It’s a girl! 
So here I am, minding my own business-growing hair, working on my listening ears, practicing my kung-fu kicks, and all of a sudden I feel this really hard, really annoying pressing –everywhere! Turns out it was Mom at Dad at the Dr.’s getting another look at me. This look, besides confirming what I already know,- positively perfect in every way- was very special because it was the day Mom and Dad found out I am a girl! 
This news, it seems, came as quite a shock (apparently the camera lady told them at 12 weeks that I looked like a boy…pointed out “his” little parts and everything) so it was a BIG surprise for them! Naturally they are much happier that I am a girl and not a stinky ole boy but I can understand the confusion. So now that we are all acquainted they can get to the really important work of picking out my name…and judging by some of the “suggestions” I’m hearing, they’ve got some work to do…and designing my nursery (apparently this will be my new home once I leave this joint) so it’s very important that it be just as cozy. So that’s my big news for now. I’ll do my best to get Mom back on track with her updates, my kicks are finally get a reaction so now I have some leverage!

Love to all,


All's well in here...

July 24, 2013

Ahhh 12 weeks and time for another photo shoot.  I decided to put on a little show for everyone today seeing as they had to go a whole month without seeing me and all the hard work Ive been doing in here.  I bounced and popped around even put my whole new hand up to say "hi".   I tried to be a good baby for the camera lady since she was apparently trying to do important Dr stuff but I knew mom and dad were just more excited to see me than worry about the rest of it, still I did my best to cooperate and give her the looks at me she needed...Im a crowd pleaser, what can I say.
The good news is that everything looks good and I'm told to keep up my good growing work!
Its been busy and on the go around here but I've gotten to do some fun new stuff like going to the beach!  Now that brother is out of his cast we can go and I love it!   It gets all warm and bright in here,  it's really nice.   We get to go on a big family beach trip in a few weeks,  I can't wait!
Well it's been a LONG day,  I'm gonna go take a nap.

Love to all

Friday, September 20, 2013


Inspired by another bloggers piece I came across today I decided to take the opportunity to document some of the constant dic-toddler commands that are frequently uttered In my home these days…while they are still cute…and only mildly annoying…

1. Hand, Hand! This normally results in being lead to any variety of places or to any variety of things he might find desirable at that time (which of late includes the new container of candy corn in the kitchen…OY) Or just as often this commandment is promptly followed by ;

2. Shoes, Shoes! That inevitably leads to …

3. SIDE, SIDE! This is the one that is repeated over and over and over ALL DAY LONG. Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful that my kid likes to be outdoors-really- but at 5:30 in the morning…when it’s raining…it’s not nearly as charming, or as easy to explain why it’s not happening.

4. More! A term normally reserved for food items, especially of the small orange fish shaped variety (or his new obsession…)

5. Chips! I SWEAR we do not ply this kid with junk food, but I’ll be dammed if he didn’t look over the baby gate last week at the new bag of pop chips I bought at BJ’s and begin emphatically chanting Chip Chip Chip…Not only did I not realize he knew the word…I sure as heck didn’t expect him to ID the bag in a dark corner of the dining room!

6. Pop-Pop: This phrase can actually encompass either or both sets of grandparents or his Auntie but it is directed at the computer, as he believes its only purpose is to see and talk to people who aren’t here… Yea for Skype! (Although he is starting to call in “pudee” which makes the request a tad easier to understand)

7. Dia-poo (Diaper): As in this one is old and full…new one please!

8. Poddy (potty): In keeping with the previous demand, he makes this request often…but always after the deed is done…baby steps

It’s really pretty cool to watch these connections form rapid fire and I know this is the point when it’s supposed to happen but it’s still pretty awe inspiring. Let’s just hope I can keep that perspective as the demands get louder and the vocabulary gets wider!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Camping Adventures

Greetings everyone!  Wow what a wonderful weekend I had.  Mom and Dad must have known how exhausted I was from all the work Im doing in here and decided to give me a vacation!  I got to go camping for the first time! (It was bruders first time too, but lets focus on what’s important here shall we…)  We went with my Aunt Niki and Uncle Brandon , Tristan and Grayson and My Aunt Tami and Uncle Brady and EJ.  I think Bruder had a great time playing with those big boys cause I heard lots and lots of hollering and laughing.  Obviously I couldn’t enjoy the view but from the sound and taste of things, Im gonna dig this camping thing.  There was lots of swimming and rain and play time and lots of good yummy food in mommy’s tummy- Bruder and I had our first s’mores!  Although I guess he got the better end of that deal cause he actually got to taste it all by himself, but it still seemed pretty good to me.
The place we went camping was called Kerr Dam and it is not too far from mommy’s home.  So mom persuaded dad to pack us up on Sunday morning and drive in to Danville to we could tell Grammy and Grandpa and Auntie and Uncle Jeff all about me!  Well actually Bruder did it with his new shirt but they got the message. 
I am now nine weeks old and just graduated to a fetus (that means little one) Im roughly the size of a strawberry. I can bend my hands at the wrist and even fold them over my heart.  My ears are starting to show up now too and my hearing will only get better from here.
Gotta go do some back flips before mom can feel them!
Love to all

Why do you think he looks so unsure about me??

Camping Fun

Yep, I’m really in here…

I don’t know why the photographic evidence was so necessary-two pee sticks and tummy upset not enough for you?- But its “official”.  Minus the minor annoyance on my end from the poking camera thing I guess it was worth it for mom and dad to see me floating around in here, my little heart pumping away.  Bruder even came, but he’s kind of steeling my thunder…already having issues being a second child…so he may have to sit out the next visit.   But they did announce my expected arrival date as January 31 so it’s at least nice to know how long I'm staying.
 Remember those feet I talked about last time, I think they’re here now, although I can’t really do anything with them.  Truthfully I’m so busy growing its hard to really pay attention to any of it!  In 8 short weeks I’ve built a heart and my spinal cord.  I'm working on my brain cells constantly- to the tune to 100 new nerve cells each minute!  My kidneys, liver and tummy are all coming together nicely as well…it’s exhausting really…so I try to rest as much as I can.
Mom and dad get their next peek at me in another month.  They say mommy is old, so she can do some extra test to check on me, but I think it’s just more pictures, whatever- just don’t press to hard!

Love to all

Hit me baby...one more time.

Someone had to revive the dead end this blog had become, allow me to introduce myself-I’m the new baby around these parts, but you can call me TRIP (Tiny T Two…get it?  I considered Tiny T Duex…but it just didn’t work for me)  It’s no big secret that my mom has been totally MIA and now that Bruder is using more real words he mysteriously seems to be losing his ability to blog so this is all on me now.
                  I am a spry 6 weeks and change and really just starting to make my presence known around here.  A little nausea a little vomiting and viola a little me!  I’ve been super busy for the past few weeks splitting cells and making some pretty important parts to get me through this little journey.  I’m still getting acquainted with my new digs, my mom and of course with all of you!  I hope you’ll be patient with me as I figure this whole “talking” thing out.
                  Well I gotta run…figuratively of course, I’m still working on my feet…but I can’t wait to talk to you all again soon!

Love to all